TGFS 2018 Volleyball League

 April XX - May XX, 2018

  ARC Pavilion




Team registration is available through the menu on the left hand side of this page. Please have your team captain register for the entire team.

Days of Play

Monday – Friday

Game Time

12:10-1 p.m.


Upper Level West in Pavilion

Number of Players on Court

6 players on court; Semi-CoRec play; 2 female minimum on court at all times; team rosters have a 20 person limit of eligible players.

Cost (per team)



All teams will advance to playoffs.

Free Agent

Free agents can email to be placed on free agent list. Team will only form if there are enough players to warrant a Free Agent Team.


General Information

1. Who can play: Open to all current UC Davis staff and student staff members. IM Cards and ARC memberships are NOT needed or required to participate.

2. One to two games will be played each week; each team will have four (4) regular season games and a minimum of one (1) playoff game. Practice courts may be available on game days, depending on the schedule and set up. Team schedule will be posted online by the first week of April.

3. Matches are best of three (3) sets with rally scoring (meaning there is a point for every serve). All three sets are played to 25 points. Teams must win by two (2) pts in each set. Games are self-officiated (tbd).

4. Single elimination playoffs will be held beginning May XX, 2018. 

5. All equipment will be set-up and provided by The Department of Campus Recreation and Unions. Note: Volleyballs will be available but bringing your own is highly encouraged.

6. Team Captain of winning team must report scores to after each match (tbd).

Thank Goodness For Staff events are held as a series of fun, recreational activities to build camaraderie and energize and engage staff in non-work related activities such as bowling, running, and tennis. As you compete with other teams and individuals, we remind everyone this is about enjoying the activity and the camaraderie and that safety comes first. In addition, since these activities are held on university property and that you are participating as a university employee, please follow all applicable university policies and conduct yourself in a professional manner.

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