TGFS 2018 - Tennis 

May 5, 2018

(Make up day is May 12th if it rains on May 5th)

Marya Welch Tennis Pavilion




FEE - $10.00

This fee covers championship prizes, event snacks, drinks, and photos. You may sign up for TWO (2) events - Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles, or Mixed Doubles. It's $10 no matter how many events you play in, but you MUST BE WILLING TO PLAY if you're playing in multiple events. The only thing worse than losing is winning by forfeit.  


Register will be online this year. Because we will need time to set up the matches, payment MUST BE RECEIVED prior to April 27 or you will not play.


All matches will be scheduled for Saturday, May 5, 2018. Play to begin at 9 am so plan to arrive by 8:30 to warm-up.


  • You may request a doubles partner on the registration page or a partner may be matched to you.

  • Each match will consist of the best of 8 games, winner must win by 2 games; no add scoring. Seven point tie break if needed.

  • Each player will bring one new unopened can of balls.

  • Should it rain on May 5th, the make up day is May 12th.

  • Questions? Contact Joe Patrocinio at

Thank Goodness For Staff events are held as a series of fun, recreational activities to build camaraderie and energize and engage staff in non-work related activities such as bowling, running, and tennis. As you compete with other teams and individuals, we remind everyone this is about enjoying the activity and the camaraderie and that safety comes first. In addition, since these activities are held on university property and that you are participating as a university employee, please follow all applicable university policies and conduct yourself in a professional manner.

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