TGFS 2018 - Bowling

  April XX, 2018 - May XX, 2018

 MU Games Area



4-person teams, handicap system (90% of 200).  Each team bowls just 3 games (alternating lanes) on one of the dates below.  Whether you have never bowled before or are a regular bowler, we have a place for you.  You must register as a team - please do not register individually. Previous USBC league averages accepted. 


Bowling begins promptly at 5:30 PM (10 minutes practice).  Teams will select to bowl on one of the nights listed below (maximum of 16 teams per date):

  1. Date 1
  2. Date 2
  3. Date 3
  4. Date 4
  5. Date 5
  6. Date 6
  7. Date 7
  8. Date 8
  9. Date 9
  10. Date 10


MU Games Area Bowling Lanes (below the UCD Bookstore)


Entry fee for each team is $58.00.  Payment only by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover)


For more questions regarding the tournament please contact contact info.

Thank Goodness For Staff events are held as a series of fun, recreational activities to build camaraderie and energize and engage staff in non-work related activities such as bowling, running, and tennis. As you compete with other teams and individuals, we remind everyone this is about enjoying the activity and the camaraderie and that safety comes first. In addition, since these activities are held on university property and that you are participating as a university employee, please follow all applicable university policies and conduct yourself in a professional manner.