Biochemistry & Society: Celebrating the Career of
Professor Bruce Hammock

August 25 and 26, 2018
UC Davis Conference Center, August 25
Stonegate Country Club, August 26

Hammock Lab Website


Dr. Bruce Hammock is a Professor in the Department of Entomology and a member of the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center.  These two things alone, entomology and cancer describe the breadth of disciplines utilized by Dr. Hammock’s research.  The biochemical basis of human and environment interactions has been the long-term theme of his research and training efforts.  Scientists and students employ a multidisciplinary, integrated approach to research that delves into basic questions of biology and biochemistry that have practical implications for improving both human and environmental health.

Dr. Hammock’s career has spanned over some 40+ years since his first publication in 1972 about a mimic of juvenile hormone to his most recent about a nanosensor for cortisol.  He would say his success is mainly due to the multi-cultural, multi-national and importantly, multi-disciplinary nature of the laboratory.  His more than 1100 publications attest to his constant efforts to extend knowledge and ultimately use it for the good of man, beast and the environment.  Your research was instrumental to this goal.  Please join us in celebrating this storied career and acknowledging the many lab members that contributed to this body of work.



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