Workshop on Liquefaction Experiments and Analysis Projects

December 14-15, 2017
UC Davis Alumni Center

This workshop is a culmination of the first phase of the NSF funded project (grant Numbers: CMMI: 1635307, 1635524 and 1635040).  LEAP is an international phased validation effort involving centrifuge model testing, laboratory testing and numerical simulations. 

A goal of this project is to assess the ability of numerical models to predict the lateral spreading of a 4 m deep deposit of uniform sand and also to evaluate the sensitivity of predictions and experiments to selected input parameters (ground motion intensity, frequency content, and soil relative density).  Understanding the sensitivity of predictions and experiments to input parameters is a prerequisite to appreciating the significance of discrepancies between experiments and between experiments and simulations, especially in the presence of uncertainties and variability.

This phase of LEAP involves coordinated experiments at nine different centrifuge facilities and numerical simulations from twelve different numerical simulation teams. We are very thankful for the extensive efforts and all of the contributions of experiment and simulation teams. We anticipate an exciting workshop!