The following materials are required to complete the course:


  • AAOS, Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured, 11th Edition, Jones & Bartlett; ISBN-13: 9781284080179.  A digital version is acceptable—no prior versions.

EMT 110 Required Materials and Fees

Every student will be responsible for ordering and paying for the materials and services listed below.  The instructor will provide the necessary details on the first day or via email prior to class. Fees are not refundable.  The fees include, but are not limited to the following:

  • FisDap Account: $94.50
    • Go to

    • Click the "Create an Account" button.
    • Enter the product code (found below) into the field and follow the prompts to purchase an account.
    • Product Code: Found in welcome letter or will be provided on the first day of class
  • Computer/Laptop/Tablet that is Wi-Fi enabled and is capable of accessing D2L and Fisdap.
  • Watch with second hand. Cost varies, approximate cost $10
  •  Class Uniform
    • Black or dark navy blue pants (no jeans)
    • Black shoes (with no big logos)
    • Black belt
    • UC Davis EMT polo shirt: $25. (Purchased through Ink Monkey)
      • You can also purchase class T-shirts and sweatshirts that can be worn during class.  The amount of shirts you buy is up to you, but you are required to have at least one polo shirt (purchased through Ink Monkey)
  • If you are driving to campus you will need to buy a short term night’s only parking pass.  Passes can be purchased through Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS). Cost varies by semester.

EMT 111 Required Materials and Fees
The requirements of this course, EMT 111, are outlined below.  The cost of completing the practicum should be taken into consideration since the requirements cannot be waived, are subject to change, and could include a fee increase. 

  • Background Check & Drug Screen:  $140 (provided by Castle Branch)
  • Malpractice/Liability Issuance: $32.50
  • Four Health Stream modules: $14 ($3.50 each x 4) 
  • MyClinicalExchange account: $36.50
  • Provide proof of immunizations or blood titers: cost varies estimated from $0-$350
  • Health Physical/Medical Exam signed by a doctor: cost varies estimated cost $0-$80

During EMT 110 students must successfully pass an approved background and drug/alcohol screening as well as complete immunization tracking prior to the scheduled deadline.  In addition, all students must obtain malpractice insurance from the ARC Business Office.  All of the above pre-requirements must be completed during EMT 110 and immediately upon registering for EMT 111.  If you fail to meet all of the above requirements for EMT 111 during EMT 110 you will not be allowed to enroll in the current offering of EMT 111 and will have to enroll in a future course.  Proof of completion must be on file or the student will not complete the course and will not receive a passing grade.  It is important to note that EMS employers may have more stringent background requirements.  Faculty are neither qualified nor authorized to advise students regarding legal issues.  Contact the Counseling Center regarding criminal record expungement.